CG Gallery

They are rendered collages and photo-manipulated CG created by Maria.The model of these showcases is also myself too .

You have no time to see all the pictures? If so, please take a look at "Maria's Choice".

Monster, Fairy, Mermaid, Werewolf.... I introduce illusion dwellers who are not people.

It is fantasy world of exotic Asia! It is unprecedented although it is nostalgic somewhere.

Nature's Healing of flowers, trees, sky, animals, or insects. Natural beauty was expressed.

Amazing Huge women series ! Women who are bigger than skyscrapers swagger about towns.

They are pictures that are imagined from the stories of all ages and countries.

These pictures are parodies of the famous fine arts. Enjoy Digital Costume Play Series etc.

The music of Circus is echoes and the curtain of the Sideshow opens! Let me show you amazing world!

This is the work group which is not contained in the above-mentioned category.

La Galeria Fantasia (c) Maria Garcia, 2002-2008